A nucleus is many things – in physics, it is the center of an atom – in space, it is the head of a comet – in the body, it is the cell’s essential epicenter of information. Universally, a nucleus is a significant and central basis for the growth of everything around it. This magazine maintains this definition by becoming a center for science at King’s College London. The Nucleus is a student-run method of updating our peers on the research happening at KCL while delving into the stories of the professionals behind them. The Nucleus is a source anyone in our community can go to for scientific news, articles, interviews, and more.

The Team

Editor in Chief: Alice Koltchev

Managing Editors: Alicja Krawczun-Rygmaczewska  +  Robert Taylor

Exec Coordinator: Karolina Fratczak

Photography: Kit Komarov

Illustration: Annabel Adams


Charley Boyles

Jada Coker

Georgia Cook

Ramana McConnon

Isabella Munford

Francesca Puletti

Richard Rodrigo